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Our Refinement Services

Refining and Improving Your Investment.

Our Distillation Process

Distillation is the purification process of separating and removing undesirable cannabinoids while improving the concentration of your CBD. The proper distillation conditions will also eliminate the vast majority of fats and waxes. The result is a distillate that is improved potency, gold to amber in color, distinctive floral aroma, and more pleasant to ingest.

Choosing a CBD distillation process that optimizes product purity and quality is vital in dictating success in the CBD industry. Our distillation process at Frosty's transforms your product into a high-quality oil that you can proudly infuse in numerous products.

The process we use for distillation is called "wiped-film distillation." This process optimizes cannabinoid potency and color by running the oil under high vacuum pressure and low evaporation temperatures result in lower retention times. Having low retention times is critical in the distillation process since it means minimum product exposure to heat and oxidation, which distills a better product with the highest yield.

Whether you are looking for Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, THC-Free Distillate or Custom Profile oil our processing will guarantee you consistent results every time.


THC Remediation

Need to reduce your THC levels for a specific end-product, or to comply with regulations?

THC Remediation, the reduction/elimination of THC, is your answer. We offer several different methods to reducing THC concentration, all dependent on the type of end-product needed (CBD Isolate/Broad Spectrum) and the best solution for you.

Examples of our methods range from fractional distillation to solvent extraction, flash chromatography, and more. Our techniques include terpene and pesticide remediation leaving you with only the purest of THC-Free oil.


Are you interested in obtaining the purest form of cannabinoids? 

Isolation is your answer. Isolates, crystalline structures, are considered the purest form of a cannabinoid containing no THC. Our isolation process begins at the end of a distillation service by using a crystallization method. Here we use high pressures, low temperatures, and continuous motion to spark nucleation and the formation of crystals. Our process concludes with a pentane solvent rinse to remove any remaining impurities. 

We can safely make a consumable CBD Isolate that is ready to blend with a product of your choice.


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Our Raw Ingredients

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